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A Country Practice … a trip down memory lane

Growing up I remember sitting down every week and watching A Country Practice, it was certainly a very popular show back in it’s day and reruns now are proving popular with everyone reminiscing and remembering their younger years. A Country Practice ran from 1981 to 1993 and was based around a hospital in a rural country town called Wandin Valley, following the lives and stories of the patients, the residents of the town and their ups and downs as they went about their daily lives. It was just a down to earth wholesome show, but one which did delve into some of the more serious issues of life from time to time. Everyone had their favourite character, who was yours? Was it the fun and quirky Molly, Sergeant Frank Gilroy, the town busy body Esme Watson, larrikins Bob & Cookie or was it Dr Elliott or Matron Sloan? There are far too many to choose from!

Now for those that don’t know, most of the outdoor scenes were filmed in and around Windsor, Pitt Town and Ebenezer in western Sydney, NSW. We recently decided to go on a trip out that way to visit some of the places that featured in the show. If you google enough you’ll find information and addresses on these locations, but we have provided information below that we found. Please do keep in mind that most of these places are private residences so remember to respect the owners privacy and do not attempt to enter their property.

First up and probably the most recognisable house from the show was the house that Frank and Shirley Gilroy lived in, as this was also the house that appeared in the opening credits.

LOCATED: Corner of Buckingham Street and Chatham Street, Pitt Town (opposite Pitt Town Primary School). (Private residence)

Next up is the Wandin Valley Church which featured in many weddings and funerals. This beautiful old church was actually Scot’s Church in Pitt Town, built in 1862.

LOCATED: 99 Bathurst Street, Pitt Town (corner of Buckingham Street)

Another unforgetable property was the Wandin Valley Police Station where Sergeant Frank Gilroy was based.

LOCATED: 17 Johnston Street, Pitt Town (Private residence)

The location of Muldoon’s Store has now been converted into a service station.

LOCATED: 85 Bathurst Street, Pitt Town (on the corner of Church Street)

The Wandin Valley Store is a pub, the Bird in Hand Inn in Pitt Town.

LOCATED: 81 Bathurst Street, Pitt Town (intersection of Eldon Street)

The Wandin Valley School was Pitt Town Public.

LOCATED: 17 Buckingham Street, Pitt Town

The Country Practice clinic

LOCATED: Corner of Arndell Street & North Street/Court Street, Windsor (Private residence)

The property used as the Wandin Valley Hospital is a beautiful historic private residence in Oakville called ‘Clare House’, which was built using convict brick in 1828.

LOCATED: 29 Clare Crescent, Oakville (Private residence)

The local high school featured in the show was Windsor High.

LOCATED: Mulgrave Road (turn off Windsor Road), McGraths Hill

Now this is one that everyone will know, who can forget the night Molly died, most of Australia was in tears that night! The filing location of Molly’s farm is located in Maraylya.

LOCATED: St John’s Road, Maraylya (on the right hand side of the road, just up from the intersection with Cattai Ridge Road)

Doctor Terence Elliot’s home after he moved from upstairs at the clinic is located in Ebenezer. We didn’t get any photos of this one as the large property and house is built back off the road and hard to see.

LOCATED: 695 Sackville Road, Ebenezer. Camelot (private home).

Historic Ebenezer Church (which is Australia’s oldest church) was used in several weddings for the show.

LOCATED: 95 Coromandel Road, Ebenezer

I’m sure there are plenty that we’ve missed as numerous buildings and houses in the area were used in the show, do you know any others?

Just a reminder though, please do keep in mind that most of these places are private residences. Respect the owners privacy when viewing and/or taking photos and do not attempt to enter their property without prior permission from the owner. The information given in this blog post is already freely available on the internet, but we have put it all together in one easy to find location.

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