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Crocodiles, crocodiles and ... butterflies?

We've joined many tours over the years where you either see crocodiles in cages at zoos or even cruises where you see them in the wild, but nothing really compared to this. Doing a jumping crocodile cruise was something we'd always wanted to do and what a great tour it was. A 1-hour cruise along the Adelaide River, with complete commentary, watching the crocodiles in their wild habitat.

Everywhere you looked there were crocodiles, it's hard to imagine exactly how many of these huge saltwater crocs must call this waterway home.

The ability for these huge animals to jump out of the water is unbelievable, for something so large and predatory, there was something majestic about them. And these are all wild animals who have learned the routines of the cruise boats and over the years have learned to interact in return for food.

Whilst were felt completely safe at all times, you are literally half a meter, if that, from these creatures, it was a great experience. And when those jaws slam shut, wow, you certainly know about it! Definitely wouldn't want to be any closer to any of these crocodiles.

Another highlight of the trip was watching the Whistling Kites flying around. Interesting fact about these birds .... they will often be seen flying above fires and will swoop down and grab a smoldering stick and move it from one location to another to start another fire. As the small animals scurry away from the newly lit fire, these smart birds swoop down and grab some tucker!


Address: Adelaide River Bridge, Arnhem Highway (on the way to Kakadu National Park)


Later that afternoon we went from one extreme to the other ... from ferocious killing beasts to pretty little butterflies, with a visit to the Batchelor Butterfly Farm & Pet Gardens!

Chris the butterfly man is a character, he's ultra-friendly and animated and very passionate about butterflies. He explained how butterflies have always been a part of his life, how this farm came about and everything we could ever need to know about butterflies. The place, like Chris himself, is very eccentric, not what you'd expect at all.

We all had a great lunch in the restaurant and omg, the mango smoothies are worth a visit alone! We all were then handed a tub of carrots and invited to explore the property ourselves and feed the animals ... of course Shelly loved this!

It's hard to explain this place without being there. Would we recommend a visit? Yes, we had a good time, but be prepared, it's probably not what you would expect!

Whilst we did see some butterflies, it was impossible to get a photo, so George did his best butterfly impersonation for the camera!



Phone: (08) 8976 0110

Address: 8 Meneling Rd, Batchelor NT 0845


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