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Even the worst day on Fraser Island is still amazing!

Today we woke up to pouring rain.  It had rained nearly all night and didn’t look like easing.  Luckily we had the gazebo so we had somewhere to sit undercover out of the rain, but the whole area was flooded.  We were sitting in a few inches of water!  But what can you do!  We sat there for a while, checking the radar and hoping it might ease off, but things weren’t looking great.

We decided to head out for the day anyway and head across the island to Kingfisher Bay Resort.  It’s a fairly long drive so we’d be out of the weather and once there we could have a nice meal in the bistro …. and being ‘date night’, we had an excuse to treat ourselves!

Along the way we stopped quickly at Lake McKenzie, the photos below don’t show it’s true beauty, but even on a rainy, overcast day, it’s still a magic place.


We arrived at Kingfisher Bay Resort just in time for lunch.  The food and service at the bistro is always great.  The whole area, including the pool is open to day visitors, so it’s a great area to visit.


After lunch, the rain had eased off a little so we took a walk out along the jetty and up to the shops.


Looking towards the Kingfisher Bay barge


Looking back towards Kingfisher Bay Resort

Just shows that even the worst day on Fraser Island can still be rewarding.  We could have sat at camp all day because it was raining, but we decided to get out and about regardless and ended up having a great day.  Life’s what you make of it.

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