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Fraser Island … back to our happy place 

Yes we know you probably think we are crazy going away over the Easter break, and maybe we are!

Yesterday was an early start to leave Sydney and beat some of the traffic and that was the perfect plan, we had a great run up to Qld, apart from a small holdup at Macksville and Coffs Harbour. ……. then we hit Brisbane and that’s where our plans were ruined, it took us 1 hour to drive about 20km. Luckily for George he could sit back and relax as Shelly happened to be driving at the time!

After an overnight stop and visit with our mates Danny and Cat and their beautiful kiddies (and first visit and baby cuddles with the newest bub) we headed off this morning for the short drive up to Inskip Point from where you catch the barge across to Fraser Island.

We had seen videos of the crowds lined up waiting to cross on the barge yesterday so we weren’t sure what to expect.  As it turned out we arrived at Inskip Point and drove straight onto the barge, no wait at all. I’m guessing a lot of people did take up the opportunity of getting on the early barges as they were running from 1 AM this morning!

This was our first time towing the Cub on the beach and we had no problems at all, she loved it! We arrived on the island and drove straight to our camping zone.  Unfortunately there were people already camping in the area we normally camp at, but we got the spot next to it which is still great and plenty of room for all of us.

​We set up camp and then sat down with a couple of beers and got into relaxed holiday mode (this included George watching the Bulldogs footy game on his phone!).

Now we just await the arrival of our mates Lauren, Liam, Tas and Ash tomorrow.  It’s their first visit to the island and they will be spending the next couple of days exploring it with us.

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