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Tonight we are staying in a little town called Sandstone. We are both sitting in the camper because it’s so incredibly windy outside! Apparently wind gusts of up to 50km/h and wouldn’t be surprised if they are higher. Camper is going ok, but we have put out some guy ropes as even the chairs were being blown over before.​ Little tip, it you need pegs in the ground here, bring your drill! There is no way you are hammering into this ground!

We’ve just spent the last two days in Geraldton. Geraldton is huge compared to where we’ve been recently, it’s basically a city I guess. All the big department stores and fast food joints etc.

On the way from Kalbarri to Geraldton we visited a couple of towns, Horrocks & Northampton. Horrocks is a small little seaside beach town. It looked like it would be a nice spot to spend a few days, particularly if you like fishing and just wanted some quite time. Northampton was an old town, lots of beautiful old buildings and a fair bit of history. We visited the cemetery (of course we did!) which had a lot of old graves and also the remains of the old church.

Yesterday morning we went to see the HMAS Sydney II memorial. At 10:30am they have a volunteer guide take you on a tour and explain the memorial and the story of HMAS Sydney II. This was great and we thoroughly enjoyed it. This memorial is probably the best I’ve ever seen, the thought that has gone into every part is amazing. We will do a seperate blog on the HMAS Sydney memorial and the shipwreck.

Looking up towards the memorial

After the memorial we went to visit the museum, mainly because they had another section on HMAS Sydney and other shipwrecks in the area.

There is no entry fee to the museum as such, they suggest a $5 donation, but it’s a great little museum and we worth it. Went spent a couple of hours there.

Onto other non travel related matters! …… On Monday we were contacted by a reporter from GWN7 News here in WA to ask permission to use some photos from our latest blog. They had seen our photos of Steep Point and wanted to use them in the evenings news bulletin about a missing fisherman in the area. Secretly a little bit excited that we got contacted😀

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