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Goodbye Sydney!

All the preparation, trip planning, packing and last-minute hassles (nothing like getting the 4WD back from your mechanic 4 days before leaving or getting a windscreen replaced 18 hours before leaving!) has been worth it and we are finally on our way.

We left home Tuesday morning and headed north for the start of our trip. George was actually working on Tuesday and Wednesday so we visited some customers around the Port Macquarie and Kempsey areas before spending the night at a motel in Kempsey.

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early to head off further north to see more customers for the day. As we were getting out of the 4WD we met a lady in the main street of Kempsey and she asked where we were headed and we told her Cape York. Her response was ‘oh my son is heading up there this week too’. Somehow we get the feeling that we were right, this is going to be totally different to our last visit, it’s gonna be hectic up there!

Tonight we are staying with friends just north of Brisbane. Always great to catch up with this beautiful little family, lots of fun and laughs, a few drinks – and tonight to watch the State of Origin – go the blues!

Tomorrow morning we meet up with Stewy & Rori, the first of our Cape York travel mates, to start the big drive north!

Safe travels to our other Sydney based friends who are starting the drive north today.


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