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Great Central Road


We have done the other half of it so this time we traveled from Laverton to Uluru over the past 3 days. You do need permits to travel this road as it runs through Aboriginal land, we had to get a permit to travel on the WA side and another one to travel the NT side!

This road also happens to be home to the worlds longest geocacheing trail.

Condition wise, the road on the WA side wasn’t too bad at all, but the Northern Territory side was pretty bad, very corrugated and holes and dips everywhere! The Prado and Cub just took it in its stride though, they were both made for this!

Free camping day 1 – This was a nice quiet spot but basically just a rest area. There was one other vehicle already there when we arrived but there was plenty of room for the both of us.

Free camping Day 2 – this spot was perfect! The view was amazing and the colours changing on the ranges as the sun set was beautiful. There wasn’t too much firewood around but we managed to make a small campfire. There was no one else around, except some dingos! We had the whole area to ourselves from when we arrived about 4pm until we left the next morning.

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