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Off to relive childhood memories at Forster

We are lucky enough to have been asked if we would like to visit one of the Discovery Holiday Parks and give our feedback, of course we jumped at the chance …… a $250 voucher to spend at any park we like, who wouldn’t accept that offer!

With $250 to spend we thought that rather than taking the camper trailer, we’d make the most of the money and book a cabin and invite the in-laws to join us. So tomorrow morning we head off up to Forster for the weekend.


Spent many a day swimming in this pool

Forster is a coastal town on the mid north coast of NSW, about 3 1/2 hours north of Sydney. It’s a very popular destination for families in particular and summer holidays are when this place explodes with people.

Forster holds a lot of memories for me (Shelly) as it’s the place of all of our childhood family vacations. Every year we would take the last few weeks off school and head up to Forster for a 3 week holiday, returning home just in time for Christmas. We stayed in the same unit every year in a block one street from the beach called, Carinya Gardens, which is still there today.  We would meet the same people up there each year, we played on the beach, went shopping and spent plenty of time exploring the arts and craft centre that used to be next to the pool.  I remember the early morning walks along the beach and breakwall with dad to buy the paper, even remember one time we were forced back by police as there was a crazed gunman over near the other breakwall at Tuncurry, that was scary and big news at the time as nothing like that ever happened up there!

I remember buying fish and chips for dinner and eating it by the lake and the special

occasions where we could go for a night walk along the beach and visit the ice creamery for dessert! We’d hire a boat for the day and go fishing and always remember dad complaining that he hated it because his whole day was spent putting prawns on the hook and untangling line from the seaweed or anchor!  Apparently fishing with the wife and his two girls wasn’t his idea of fun!  I do remember one day fishing off the island and after being annoyed that I hadn’t caught anything I was bringing the line in for the last time and to my surprise, as I dragged it in there was a flathead connected to it …. I caught a fish and didn’t even know it!  Then there was the pub with the pool at Tuncurry, it was always a fun day to head over for lunch at the pub and a swim in the pool, that was always a novelty as we’d never seen a pub with a pool before!  Of course who could forget the year we went to have breakfast with Santa at the local shopping centre, for my sister and I at the time, this was just amazing!  I’m sure i still have my personalised invitation from Santa somewhere!

So many memories from many years of holiday times spent with the family.

The last time we both visited Forster as a couple was back in 2009, so it will be nice to see the place again, albeit only for a very short weekend stay.


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