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Our last adventure

Our last adventure on our journey home is the Oodnadatta Track. We’ve explored part of this area before but have never driven the track in full from start to finish so decided now was the time!

We left Uluru for the drive to Marla in South Australia for the start of the track. On our first night we ended up camping in a great spot on the track about 100km or so from Marla.

This spot was on the edge of a dry riverbed, there were budgerigars everywhere and it was great to wake up to them chirping away. There were plenty of flies too which was the downside, the fly veil did make an appearance!

There were a few other people camped in the area that arrived after us, but far enough away on the other side of the road. Perfect spot and the night temperatures weren’t as cold either.

We had our open fire and had bush tomato damper for dinner, followed by marshmallows!

mmmm, toasted marshmallows, the perfect way to top off the night!

Earlier in the day after leaving Uluru we had come across a nasty rollover on the Lasster Highway. We stopped to see if they needed our sat phone or any help, but there were already a few people there helping out and they had called emergency services. Given the location of the accident I’m guessing it was going to be quite a wait for emergency services to arrive, hope the people are ok as they didn’t look too good. We had a big drive ahead of us so left after we knew they had it sorted, but it really does make you realise just how quickly things can happen. This was on a sealed, straight piece of road and one small mistake and this 4WD rolled 2 times. It could happen to anyone, but what a tragic end to someone’s holiday.

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