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Port Augusta to Marla

We had our latest start today, not leaving camp until 9am, grabbed some fuel and headed off down the Stuart Highway to Marla.

This drive takes you through Coober Pedy, but we’ve been there before so didn’t stop in (just took a quick pic while driving past!). We will probably spend a night or two there on the way back because we really like the town.

Today saw us driving across very flat and open land, we’ve travelled this route before so knew what to expect, but although pretty, it’s not an overly exciting drive. Today was also the start of the road trains, passed quite a few and it’s only going to get busier from here on.

This pic below is of Lake Hart, a large glistening salt lake, it’s amazing to see. Last time we visited we drove down closer to it and got some great photos, but today’s pic is just a quick shot from the car park!

Outback Australia, and South Australia in particular, is famous for the huge salt lakes. Apparently these lakes have the ideal surface for land speed racing and are the best in the world. Many World records have been set here. Each year an event is held on Lake Gairdner (another salt lake in SA), where cars, trucks and bikes compete.

Here’s a little bit of useless information for everyone! …… This afternoon we had a ‘concert’ in the car, Shelly performs lots of these for George, he says he doesn’t enjoy them or her voice, but we doubt that very much! Today we both joined in to a rendition of Sandy & Danny doing the Grease medley! And it did happen, no matter how much George denies it!

tonights sunset while driving to Marla

Arrived at Marla and are camping behind the roadhouse, it’s quite busy here tonight. We went to have dinner and a beer at the bistro before heading back to camp.

Tomorrow we head off into Northern Territory to Tilmouth Well and the start of the Tanami Track.

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