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Tanami Track (part 1)

On our first night on the Tanami we stayed at Tilmouth Well, about 2 hours from Alice Springs on the Tanami Track. What a great little roadhouse this was, clean and good grounds right on the Napperby River (which is currently dry). We were surprised at how quiet it was there, only 3 other cars. We decided to have dinner and a beer in their restaurant and Shelly had a breakfast wrap the next day aswell, all of the food was great. Highly recommend a stop at this place if anyone is in the area, the owners are really friendly and helpful too.

Speaking of cheeky puppies, the other night we checked our surveillance cameras at home and saw Charli sitting in the herb garden, after rewinding the footage we saw her break open the back gate and jump in the garden staring at the back door – willing it to open! This went on for at least 1/2 hour. How can one dog be so loveable, but so incredibly naughty! At least our housesitter said she doesn’t appear to be fretting too much this time ……. Of course Gelly couldnt care, as long as someone feeds her and gives her pats and tickles, she’s happy!

eating ice blocks at camp

George cooked us dinner last night on the Webber, we watched an awesome sunset and relaxed in the quietness.

Started off towards Halls Creek today, crossed the WA border and gained 1 1/2 hours! Roads are a lot more corrugated towards the WA end of the track, nowhere near as smooth as yesterday. Again, lots more rolled and/or burnt out cars and 4Wds on the side of the road … apparently this is where cars go to die!

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