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The countdown is on!

Less than a week now before we are off to Birdsville for the 2022 Big Red Bash!

For those that aren’t sure what this is, it is a huge concert which spans over 3 days and takes place at “Big Red” in the Simpson Desert, about 35km west of Birdsville, QLD. Big Red is one of those iconic places all 4WDers want to visit. It stands at 40 metres in height and is the first of 1,140 parallel sand dunes in the Simpson Desert. To say you’ve driven up Big Red is a bucket list item for many 4WD enthusiasts. Let us just say that, after doing both, driving up it is far easier than walking up it!

The Big Red Bash is the most remote music festival in the world and words really can’t describe the experience of being there. We first attended the concert in 2019 and everyone said once you visit you’ll go back again ….. well they couldn’t have been more correct, you definitely get hooked!

After returning from that 2019 event, we then purchased tickets for the next year, but it was cancelled due to Covid. Tickets were held over to the next year and whilst that event did go ahead for people who could attend, as we were in lockdown at the time we were again able to have our tickets carried over. So FINALLY, we are going to be able to use these tickets which were purchased back in 2019!!

If you like concerts and live music, this is one event that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s by far the most well run event we have ever been to, their team of volunteers are amazing and getting 10,000 people from all across Australia into this tiny outback town and out to Big Red, setting up camp and running a great 3 day concert isn’t any small feat. You see, this isn’t like any other concert where everything is already there, this is held on private property, an organic cattle station called Adria Downs. So there is no electricity, no sewerage or toilets, no running water, no shelter …. nothing!

Everything to cater for the concert needs to be taken onto site and set up and this section of the property is transformed into what is called ‘Bashville’, where 10,000 people, staff, volunteers, merchants and performers all perform, live and party for the duration of the event!

It’s not just all about the music though, this is a family event (including your 4 legged doggy friends) so there are plenty of activities including camel rides, helicopter rides, dune surfing, sunrise yoga on Big Red, Doggy Desert Fashions show, dunny door painting and the hilarious Bashville Drag Races!

The lineup for this year has plenty of great artists and Aussie bands, but we (Shelly actually) is so excited for the headline act ….. JIMMY BARNES.

If you want to find out more about this amazing event, check out their website for more information.

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