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The countdown is on ….

We have just over 4 weeks left before we start our journey up north to Cape York.  We are both so excited to be heading back up to this amazing part of the country again.

Those of you who have been following us for a while will recall that we did this trip as part of our honeymoon back in 2013.  During that trip our friends who were meant to join us had engine trouble in the first few days and unfortunately couldn’t complete the trip so we ended up doing it alone.


Here we are, 5 years later and we are about to embark on the amazing journey to the cape again, but this time we have another 5 4WD’s joining us (along with Stewy in his new, hopefully problem free vehicle!).

As we are all coming from different parts of Sydney and Queensland, we will all meet in Cairns on Sunday 15th July to start our epic ‘Tackling The Tele’ trip!


Below is our itinerary

  1. Cairns – Laura

  2. Laura – Archer River Roadhouse

  3. Archer River Roadhouse – Weipa

  4. Weipa – Bramwell Station

  5. Bramwell Station – Eliot Falls

  6. Eliot Falls – Seisa (few days in Seisa)

  7. Seisa – Captain Billy Landing

  8. Captain Billy Landing – Chili Beach

  9. Chili Beach – Musgrave Roadhouse

  10. Musgrave Roadhouse – Elim Beach

  11. Elim Beach – Lions Den Hotel

  12. Lions Den Hotel – Cape Tribulation

  13. Cape Tribulation – Cairns


Of course we will be driving the famous Old Tele Track, as well as some of the other more well-known tracks up there such as Battle Camp Road, Frenchman’s Track and the CREB Track.

After what was apparently quite a ‘wet’ wet season up north, the track conditions are still quite damp and muddy and the water crossings seem fairly deep.  We have a feeling the new winch might be getting a bit of a workout!  Although a lot can change in a few weeks, so we will wait and see!

We can assure you there will be plenty of photos and videos of the trip, so stay tuned!  We will be writing blogs where possible, but most photos and videos will be posted on Instagram and Facebook so make sure you are following us on social media to keep up to date!


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