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The off-roading starts today!

It rained on and off last night and we started the morning with some light rain. That also meant packing up the camper wet, which isn’t fun! We left early this morning with the hope of arriving at camp early enough to set up and let the camper dry out. Hopefully our tarp on the mattress trick works and our bed and doona isn’t wet tonight!

Today we are driving straight up the Stuart Highway to Alice Springs and then turning onto the Tanami Track, our first off-roading for the trip (and basically what we are treating as the start of our trip, our driving days get shorter from here on).

We crossed the border into NT this morning and of course we stopped for photos!

This mornings fill was the most expensive fill so far, at $1.59 per litre for diesel. We are expecting this to get a lot more expensive going forward! So far for the trip we are averaging 16.33L/100 at an average cost of $0.22 per km.

We took a little detour today and decided to visit Rainbow Valley as we missed this on our last trip to NT as we were delayed in Alice Springs getting some mechanical work done. Glad we took the drive in today, it’s amazing. Would have loved to be there at sunrise or sunset as I’m sure the rocks would have changed colour as they do at Palm Valley.

NT has lots of monuments and things marked out on the side of the highway and this is one we stopped off to see today. The Northern Territory Cannonball Run was held from 22 May to the 27 May in 1994 on the Stuart Highway from Darwin to Alice Springs and return.

On 24 May, during one of the timed sections near Alice Springs, a Ferrari F40 crashed into a checkpost killing its occupants and two track officials.

Phone and Internet reception is going to get less frequent from now on so blogs and photo posts will be a little less often. We will try to ‘check in’ with SPOT when we can, to let you all know we are ok, when we don’t have reception. You’ll see a notice pop up on Facebook and realise what I’m talking about!! (the post also gives coordinates to know where we are)

this is SPOT!

Oh and in case anyone was wondering, it’s 24 degrees in Alice Springs this afternoon 😝 …… goodbye cold miserable winter weather!

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