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Update on the last few days

It’s been a few days since we’ve posted a blog, but we were busy exploring the amazing Karijini National Park, the 2nd largest national park in WA. We spent 3 nights at Karijini and didn’t have any internet or phone to be able to keep up our blogging so just getting back into it now!

Now, there is no way to explain how amazing Karijini is. This place is the most beautiful place we’ve ever been to and we aren’t just saying that. Everyone should take the time to visit at some point in their life. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, from the spectacular rugged towering chasms, to the vibrant colours of the walls of the gorges to the crystal clear pools and waterfalls, this park has it all …… but you will need to wait for the seperate blog post about this!

Our next main stop was Exmouth for a few days, our main reason being so that we could snorkel the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef, which we did yesterday ….. amazing experience.

Today we leave to spend a few days in Coral Bay, which should hopefully include some more snorkelling on the reef.

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