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We survived our first night in the camper!

Friday 1st July was the start of our 2 month adventure to WA! We left home about 6.30am after saying our goodbyes to the dogs 😥, so sad leaving these two little girls.

We headed off and experienced a beautiful sunrise as we left Sydney …. amazing considering we ran into rain about an hour or two later!

The camper towed very well, it was very stable and we really had no problems at all, we really didn’t even know that it was there!

We stopped in at Wagga Wagga to catch up and have lunch with George’s boyfriend, oops, I mean work mate, Corey! 😂 After a couple of hours there we headed off again towards Balranald. We arrived in town about 5.45pm and decided to stay at the Balranald Caravan Park, nice little park and right on the highway which made for a quick and easy start this morning.

first night in the camper trailer

By the time we checked in and all, it meant that we were setting up in the dark! Glad it was in the camper and not the tent! Our first night sleeping in the camper was good, bed was very comfy (but glad we went out last weekend and spent $300 on a memory foam topper! as the standard mattress just wouldn’t have worked!). Wasn’t too cold, George was fine, but Shelly slept in her sleeping bag under the doona and that seemed to work!

This morning we were woken by the sound of kookaburras and birds and we saw exactly how nice the surrounds were in this park, we were literally camped amongst the gum trees, basically on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. If you can block out the trucks that fly down the highway all night, this place is beautiful!

Anyway, off to Port Augusta …….

sunrise leaving Sydney

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