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Who are we?


We are George & Shelly, a married couple from Sydney, Australia. We love 4WDing, camping and travelling this great country of ours. We met in 2003 and have been travelling together since then. Unfortunately work and life gets in the way and we are yet to be able to travel full time, but we do get away as often as we possibly can.

We are both very passionate about travelling Australia and want nothing more than to share our adventures and inspire others to do so as well. We love to get out of the cities and explore the real outback. 

We live in Sydney with our English Staffy, Gelly, our American Staffy, Charli, our Cockatiel, Al and Sam the snake!  We love nothing better than to get away into the bush for a day or weekend of camping or 4WDing with friends or the dogs. 


              is our ‘organiser’. She is responsible for majority of our trip planning, accommodation bookings and research for our trips. She is one of the most organised people you would ever meet (you wouldn’t know it when you see how untidy she is at home!), with lists and spreadsheets and folders available for every part of our trips! She’s also our social media expert, our blog writer and photographer. Shelly is responsible for packing our ‘supplies’, eg food, medical, maps, etc. We are never short of food or baby wipes and our medical kit could cater for 10 people!

             on the other hand is responsible for everything to do with the 4WD’s and camper trailer. We never leave home without a fully serviced vehicle with only the best of everything. Ensuring that we are safe and the vehicles are mechanically safe and sound is George’s no 1 priority. George will happily spend hours, days or even longer researching new ‘things’ for our 4WD’s. He is your go-to man for anything in relation to tyres, wheels, oils and modifications for your car. George is also responsible for packing the car, taking anything on or off the roof (the downside of being so tall!) and lifting anything heavy! Lastly, George wants everyone to know that he is responsible for 95% of the driving ….. unless we are offroad and we fight over who will drive the tracks and river crossings!



... Making memories one track at a time

We use our website and blog to document our 4WD adventures and share our experiences with all of you to hopefully inspire others to also follow their dreams and get out there and explore our great land.  Check out our previous trips to get inspired and follow our blog to keep up to date with us while we are travelling.


There are so many new adventures waiting to unfold. Life is too short to live with regrets ….. so go on …. get out there!

Join us on our journeys around Australia!  Click here to see where our next adventure will take us!

George and Shelly


Proudly sponsored by Cost Effective Maintenance

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