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No smell toilets … no way!

So toilets and ones toilet habits isn’t generally a popular topic of conversation ….. well maybe it is for some, who knows! But as strange as it may seem, these toilets at the Big Red Bash really do deserve their own blog post!

Photo supplied by Event Safety Services

Prior to embarking on our first bash trip, we read many social media pages and blogs and watched videos just to see what we were in for, and the one thing that always came up was …. the toilets! We’d heard all about how great these toilets were and how they didn’t smell and I must say, we were a bit dubious. We’ve visited ALOT of different toilets during our travels (roadside, caravan parks, rest areas …..) and the one thing they all have in common is the smell! So of course we were thinking that if you put 10,000 people together in one place and make them share a few blocks of toilets, the outcome couldn’t possibly be good!

Well we were wrong …… these toilets really are as amazing as everyone said and they really are oudor free!

OK, here’s the deal ……

Because this is an organic cattle property without running water, of course the toilet issue needed to be sorted and this was done by way of banks of odour-free, eco-friendly composting toilets which are built and dismantled on site and are scattered around the campground, plaza and concert areas. Each block also has a hand sanitiser pump pack outside to clean your hands. Now so far it all sounds relatively normal doesn’t it, but here’s when it gets interesting ….. you see, these toilets are actually just your every day wheelie bin …. yep you heard it, we were weeing and pooping into a wheelie bin!

Photo supplied by Event Safety Services

Volunteer ‘dunny angels’ are responsible for keeping these facilities clean, stocked and odour free! Not a job i’d want, particularly in a volunteer capacity, but they definitely do a great job!

Photo supplied by Event Safety Services

After trying out various different loo options in past years, the organisers saw room for improvement and Event Safety Services and The Big Red Bash set about designing their own system to suit the unique location.

Photo supplied by Event Safety Services

How do they work? ‘Number ones’ are just like anywhere else, but for ‘number twos’ you wipe and then cover it all up with one scoop of sawdust.

The motto is ‘One Scoop per Poop’!

I will say one thing though …… make sure you are fairly open and comfortable with your toilet habits, because come toilet time everyone knows what you are doing!

Morning time is particularly social as people emerge from their camps and line up outside the toilets, cups of sawdust in hand!

To keep in line with the sustainability, apparently within a year the dry compost is ready to be given to nearby farmers to fertilize their land.

Photo supplied by Event Safety Services

So there you go, bet you didn’t think you’d be reading a whole blog post about toilets and poo today did you!

We are George & Shelly, a married couple from Sydney, Australia, who love 4WDing, camping and travelling this great country of ours.   We love sharing our adventures and hope to inspire others to travel as well.    Join us on our journeys around Australia! 

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