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Shelly’s Podcast Interview

OK, so it’s not all just about George, he’s not the only radio star around here!

We hadn’t mentioned anything about this so far to many people, but whilst we were away Shelly recorded a segment for the Big Bash Podcast, which was published on 5th July.

This is a hugely popular podcast which takes an inside look at 2 of Australia’s largest music festivals, The Big Red Bash at Birdsville & The Mundi Mundi Bash at Broken Hill. Each episode is different and unique and covers interesting interviews with artists and volunteers, behind the scenes stories, updates and so much more. If you enjoy these concerts or are looking at attending in the future, this is one podcast you should check out.

For now though …. check out Shelly’s interview!! Link below, just go to the 20:30 mark, just after the Jimmy Barnes interview.

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