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The ‘must visit’ place on the island …. Lake McKenzie

Ask anyone visiting Fraser Island where they want to go and you will hear the same answer …. Lake McKenzie.

This lake is truely beautiful, from the bright white sand to the various shades of blue and green of the water, it really is breathtaking.

Lake McKenzie is a ‘perched’ lake, which means it contains only rainwater and doesn’t flow into the ocean.

The sand is pure white silica and is so soft and it actually acts as filter to give the water clarity and keep it pure.

After our early morning swim at Lake McKenzie we made our way over to Kingfisher Bay.  It is like a whole other world over there, the resort is beautiful, there are tarred roads, there is a lovely outdoor bar and restaurant and the views are unbelievable.

Kingfisher Bay is on the western side of Fraser Island and the water is very calm and flat, a stark contrast to the angry surf on the eastern beach.

The long boardwalk is great for a stroll along or to do some fishing off.  The Kingfisher Bay barge arrives at the end of this boardwalk and the cars actually drive along the boardwalk and in to the resort.

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