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Yesterday it was only a short drive to Kununurra, about 2 1/2 hours. We arrived in town and went straight to the caravan park to set up and then went for a drive around the town and grabbed some lunch before heading off sightseeing.

First was the Hoochery Rum Distillery and The Sandalwood Factory.

We then took a drive out to look at the Ivanhoe Crossing.

The Ivanhoe Crossing causeway was built over the Ord River. It was once part of the main road to Wyndham, but was flooded after the start of the Ord Irrigation Scheme in the 1960s. You can still drive over the causeway and continue on the dirt track to Wyndham. We drove the track for a while but turned back because it was later in the afternoon.

Apparently a lot of locals go fishing here (there were a few on there when we drove over) ….. not sure I’d be fishing up there as apparently it’s full of salt water crocodiles!

The video above is of us driving across it.

In the wet season each year, water flows over Ivanhoe Crossing and it is closed as its too high for vehicles to pass. Apparently in one of the more recent big floods it was 9 meters underwater!

One thing in this town that was a little bit different and very pretty, was the Celebrity Tree Park. This happened to be right opposite our caravan park and features plaques in front of trees that celebrities to the town have planted. We were lucky enough to find these two amongst all of the trees – yes, Shelly was excited about these ones!

Our campsite is really nice, right on the water, the pic below is of the view from our camp. Just to the left of the boat in the pic is where the resident crocodile lives and comes in to visit each afternoon!

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