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We are home!

We arrived home last Saturday afternoon and spent a few days cleaning, unpacking, cleaning, washing, cleaning, before heading back to work mid week.  Anyone who’s done outback travel will understand what it’s like to clean the car upon return, there is red dust that seeps out from every possible place ….. and this happens forever after!  I’m sure we still have dirt and dust in the old Prado from our first Simpson Desert visit years ago!

So our last two days coming back into Sydney really prepared us for the weather and adjusting back into Sydney life!  After basically spending 2 months in 25-35 degree days, wearing shorts and swimming, we were quickly brought back down to reality when we arrived in Orroroo.  It was freezing, we both slept in beanies and gloves and layers and layers of clothes, George even slept in his jeans!  We packed up the next morning in 1 degree and had to wipe the ice off the winch and strap as we went along.  It was by far the coldest we had experienced!

In the coming weeks we will still be publishing blogs about the trip, as there is still so much more to share, but just wanted to touch base and let everyone know we have safely arrived home.

We will expand more on this later, but we travelled 17,290km in 2 months.  Our cheapest fuel (diesel) was $1.17 per litre in Mildura and our most expensive was $2.20 per litre in Yuendumu.

Our cheapest accommodation was our ‘free camping’ nights in the bush, our most expensive was at El Questro, at $62 per night for a powered camping site!

The picture above is an updated version of our travels around Australia.  Still so much more to do, but at least we’ve covered part of every state now!

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