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Warmer Weather = Increased Snake Activity

With summer now here and the weather definitely warming up, we need to be more alert to the possibility of snake encounters.

Our local snake catcher has been very busy in the last month or so with relocations.  Snakes are not only found in the bush, they are now venturing into backyards and city areas, so it’s not just campers who need to be alert.  This is especially important for people with young kids or animals (we have one dog who is obsessed with our pet snake and that’s not a great mix for a dog that goes out bush 4WDing with us!).  As our housing and building starts spreading further and further out, we are removing the snakes natural habitat and their food source and they are therefore venturing closer to humans.

We thought it timely to re-share an old blog post that we wrote about snakes and first aid in relation to snake bites.  Click here to read the blog Snakes ….. do you know what to do if you encounter one?

With the warmer temperatures, there has definitely been increased snake activity and therefore the potential for snake bites.

The experts say that this summer is shaping up to be extremely busy with snake activity due to a number of factors:-

  1. The increased rainfall through winter and spring has brought about some perfect

conditions of snakes.

  1. These conditions have promoted snake breeding activity.

  2. The abundance of water has also promoted breeding activity for all of the small animals snakes prey upon.

  3. The now hot and dry weather is the perfect weather for snakes, they like nothing better than to bask under the sun and increase their body temperature.

The main things to remember are to treat all snakes as if they are venomous, never try to catch a snake, keep quiet and still and slowly back away.  Generally snakes are just as surprised to see us and are far more scared of us and will happily slither away if left alone.

Keep your local snake catchers details handy in case you encounter one around home.  If travelling the outback, pick up one of the Snake Bite First Aid kits from

Reptile Awareness Displays of Australia (RADOA) to ensure you have something available should you be a distance from help.  Of course, read up on the correct first aid tips should you or anyone around you get bitten, you can view this on our website.

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